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Partner Talks

- Resco COO Ivan Stano

· Dynamics CRM,Dynamics 365,Field Service,Transformation

In this episode of Partner Talks, Rick speaks with Chief Operating Officer Ivan Stano about the state of mobility and the latest innovations being launched by offers all in one mobile business solutions for field sales and service. For Microsoft Dynamics 365/CRM - 100% offline ready, easy to use and fully customizable.


Rick McCutcheon: I hear there are some fantastic new products being introduced into the market by Resco. Why don’t we talk a little bit about them.

Ivan Stano : We’ve been considered the mobile gurus or mobile ninjas for many years; we spend a lot of energy or time and resources building our technical platform which is built with all that experience we’ve gained over more than 20 years of working with different types of mobile technologies.

It also serves as a backbone of MSFT Dynamics 365 field service mobile solution.  We’re a really proven technology. Going forward we see a lot of potential to expand that technology to more specific scaenarios more specific use cases where some of our customers hit the wall we can come up with  new technologies and new solutions which enable our customers to go even further and even deeper into integrating the mobile devices they use.

R.M.:  You are definitely the leader for mobile CRM for Dynamics. I know you have this product for inspections can you tell us a little about Inspections?

I.S. - We’ve seen so many of our customers using mobility devices that have cameras and bar code readers to collect data in various situations, different kinds of workflow, different rules they have to follow and it’s like a nice guided process they have to go through.

 In order to equip them with the technology that allows them to mobile these processes we came up with the idea to release inspections. It’s a brand new solution and mobile application that’s easily integrated with existing Resco technologies, with lots of new tools to allow partners to create the final version of the mobile application.  What’s maybe very interesting - we already have a functional prototype in support of inspections on wearables especially smartwatches. That’s going to be a great development.

R.M.: So inspections takes you out of the traditional CRM marketplace. Inspections is a whole new group. It can be safety workers, shipping and receiving and all sorts of work scenarios.

I.S. – Very true. So far we’ve seen companies looking at Inspections from non-traditional backgrounds as we typically see partners working with CRM as the backbone to there system.  Now with Inspections were getting into areas with a homegrown SQL database system – they don’t have a CRM in place – they may have a big ERP system for their other departments, but for this part they have something very different that’s not an exception.

R.M. - When we start talking about building on our common data service which underlies the Dynamics 365 technology, they can build a world-class inspection system on our platform not knowing they’re using CRM. There’s a lot of really cool things that give them a lot bigger platform. And I know a lot of companies today are still paper-based or on spreadsheets or on very old inspection technologies. There are still a lot of people out their using client service type apps.

I.S. - To my surprise pen and paper is not an uncommon approach and then having a number of people in the background whose only job is to transcribe all the information into their existing systems.

R.M.  - Can you imagine all the errors in doing it that way - or the time lag? If I’m doing a safety inspection or looking at people’s certifications or I’m part of our shipping or receiving process - that data has to move quickly. If they’re recording it in some sort of antiquated or third-party system, it’s not going to happen. So I think there’s a massive market for this product.

Tell us about Resco’s Routes product. It sounds like Routes maybe an addon to the field service application?

I.S. – The Routes idea is a little different. It might go a little away from the traditional “oh I have a mobile application” thinking. The Routes idea is to manage my workforce in a more efficient way. Routes enables you as a manager or a company to understand where your users are at any point in time. It enables you to see if they’re on track with their given schedule and you can see their live location in real time versus where they are supposed to be. Are they lagging or maybe they’re ahead of their schedule.

R.M. – So somebody not even using field service can use Routes.

I.S. - You don’t need to buy hardware units to install in your vehicles. We track your location through smartphones. Some people use them for work. We can use them to track your actual location. Isn’t that beautiful, simple - and it works.

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