• Full Contact Selling Workshop

    Digitally Transforming the Way You Sell!

    Program Description

    FCS is a customized blueprint for sales success

    The Full Contact Selling Program (FCS) delivers a unique advantage over traditional sales methodologies. FCS fully integrates the three key areas of sales productivity: 1) proven sales processes; 2) sales skills development and 3) best practice use of CRM and Social technologies.


  • How It Works

    The 4 part Full Contact Selling Program is designed and created to deliver a repeatable sales process your organization!


    Sales Review

    We work with your management and sales team to review the current sales practices and use of technology.



    Recommendations are made on sales process design changes and the best practice uses of CRM and social platforms


    Workshop Delivery

    Your FCS Workshop is customized and delivered on-premise or through a distance learning program


    User Adoption

    Customized User Adoption program for the sales team and management is delivered through a distance learning program

  • Workshop Outline

    Every in-house workshop is customized to best fit your organizational

    Full Contact Selling Workshop

    Course Outcomes

    On completion of this workshop you will be able to:

    • Clearly understanding what the benefits and importance of CRM and Social Technologies to your business development initiatives.
    • Define processes and strategies that will help better define and manage customer, prospect and partner relationships
    • Better measure customer interactions and sales metrics
    • Increase profitability by identifying and eliminating or reassigning non-productive tasks
    • Put into action proven techniques to plan, implement and support successful business development initiatives.

    Module One - The Digital Transformation of Sales

    • The 3 pillars of Sales Success - People, Process & Technology
    • Understanding how the Internet has changed both the buying and selling processes
    • The Five Stages of a typical B2B buying process
      • Discovery
      • Researching
      • Planning & budgeting
      • Engaging vendors & resellers
      • Making the buying decision
    • Leveraging technology to build a repeatable sales process
      • CRM
      • LinkedIn
      • Twitter
      • Facebook for Business
      • Marketing Automation
    Module Two – The Full Contact Selling System
    • Making time to sell
      • Understanding the value of selling time
      • Managing your calendar
      • Time management best practices
    • Social Selling and prospecting techniques
    • Pre-Call Planning and Research
      • What you need to know about
        • the company
        • the people
        • the technology they use
    • The Pursuit
      • Making Contact
      • Positioning your expertise
      • Connecting socially
    • Lead Management best practices
    • Asking the right questions
      • Uncovering needs
      • Buying signals
      • ROI drivers
    • Defining Opportunity Touch-points
    • Qualifying the opportunities
      • Which prospects are right for you
      • Building effective keep warm strategies
    • The Effective Presentation
      • Presenter best practices
      • PowerPoint best practices
      • Positioning your company & expertise
      • Telling your story
    • Pipelines and forecasts best practices
    • Building a winning solution
    • Presenting your solution
    • Negotiation best practices
    • Uncovering and beating the competition
    • Overcoming objections
    • Account Management best practices
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