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ClickLearn | PartnerTalks | Christine Eltz, Success Manager

In today’s PartnerTalk, Rick sits down with with ClickLearn Success Manager Christine Eltz.

Christine explains how ClickLearn allows its users to build multi-format learning tools with just the click of a button.

Once a creator has built his or her learning materials, he or she can embed them directly into his or her application for a seamless user experience.

ClickLearn is one of eXtreme365’s and the eXtreme365 User Summit’s sponsors, so Rick chats with Christine about what to expect in Barcelona, too.

In this video, you’ll hear about:

  • ClickLearn’s learning portal tools

  • ClickLearn’s involvement in eXtreme365 and the eXtreme365 User Summit, which will take place March 9-12 in Barcelona, Spain.

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