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Microsoft Dynamics 365 reflects evolution of sales challenge

It’s all about data and a full, repeatable business process

The evolution of Microsoft Dynamics CRM into a component of Microsoft Dynamics 365 not only makes good sense – it offers a strong signal of what complete digital transformation means for business.

Recently, Microsoft announced Dynamics CRM (cloud platform) and ERP products would be rolled into an integrated cloud product Microsoft Dynamics 365.

In essence, it expands business capabilities of the CRM and makes it more flexible for further development by Microsoft and ISVs.

5 Key benefits of Microsoft 365

  •   Brings greater built-in insights, predictive intelligence and workflow automation to CRM users.
  •   Integrates with Office 365 platforms.
  •  Create more of a one-platform opportunity with all-encompassing business tools
  •  Creates and environment where Microsoft can change and upgrade products with ease, with all tools accessing a cloud environment
  • Allows customers to specifically pick integrated tools that best benefit their business
  • Microsoft has steadily been increasing the capabilities of Dynamics CRM and this development means bringing better business intelligence – including predictive intelligence – to business units in a one-platform development.

It’s all part of Microsoft’s vision to develop complete digital transformation for business, social and personal spheres.

“And let’s be clear – digital transformation won’t happen with another bolted-on cloud app or a giant implementation of monolithic and closed business application packages that take half a decade to customize and deploy, and another for employees to begrudgingly learn how to use,” wrote Microsoft Sataya Nadella in a LinkedIn post written during Microsoft’s 2016 World Partners Conference held in Toronto.

It also becomes quite clear a repeatable and an all-encompassing business process that can be built in Dynamics CRM and later this fall extended with Microsoft Dynamics 365 gives any company or industry a greater chance at market success.

It’s all about data these days. And it takes a sophisticated model like this to handle everything everyone needs to know for best success in an ultra-competitive marketplace.

Rick is a Dynamics CRM MVP with expertise in sales process design, social selling and CRM strategies. Rick has been involved in the CRM industry since 1990 as a company founder, senior executive, reseller, industry association board member, educator consultant and professional speaker. He is the creator of the Full Contact Selling (FCS) methodology for Dynamics CRM. He can be reached at