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PartnerTalks: Nicholas Hayduk of Engineered Code

Microsoft Business Applications MVP Rick McCutcheon speaks with Nicholas Hayduk, President of Engineered Code Consulting Inc., a software engineering firm specializing in building on top of the Common Data Service and Microsoft’s Power Platform as well as building web portals.

Today’s chat is all about Microsoft PowerApps portals. 


You'll hear:


• What makes a portal a portal
• Why portals are so different in construction
• The three types of PowerApps and skill set demands for portals
• Why is look and feel so important to a developer
• Big changes for PowerApps portals
• 2020 Wave 1 release and the low code no code maker experience
• Improvements for citizen developers
• What PowerApps portals are and are not
• The value of starting with a minimum viable product 
• Microsoft pre-built templates


You can reach out to Nicholas Hayduk through LinkedIn.


For more episodes of PartnerTalks or to find out more about Rick McCutcheon, check out his YouTube channel.

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