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PartnerTalks: Rowland Dexter of QGate

Rowland Dexter, Managing Director of QGate, a Microsoft Dynamics Business Solutions CRM and Power BI solution provider, speaks to Rick on the importance of building user adoption into any program or practice.

QGate puts a premium on ensuring strong user adoption, maximizing the opportunity of users loving and understanding a new CRM system, giving the client or partner maximum return for their product investment.

You will hear:

  • User adoption is not about technology, it’s about change management
  • Don’t start with the technology in building user adoption, it’s about understanding what the project is meant to achieve
  • Smoothing out the rough spots in use of a new application
  • Importance of strong data in any adoption project
  • The use of the ClickLearn application as a tool to build user adoption materials simply and efficiently to deliver assistance throughout the training lifecycle
  • The ability to update training materials through future system upgrades 

QGate is the first authorized ClickLearn partner in the United Kingdom.