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The simple case for digital transformation

It's no longer an option in a competitive world of sales

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If you are not trying to accelerate your digital transformation, then you live in a house of cards.

The foundation on which you built your traditional sales organization is crumbling. It’s threatened by those who can reach your potential customer faster, more efficiently, and with a greater affinity.

Digital transformation isn’t a buzzword. It isn’t a latest fad that’s likely to go away. It’s the transformation that’s driving business success and establishing a foundation for more efficient business process and optimized results.

You may not even realize it, but we’re all amid our own personal digital transformation. We’re all moving at different speeds. Do you have a cellphone? Do you buy online? Do you bank online? How did you buy your last set of event tickets? These conveniences of digital transformation are not only desired but expected today.

 Your customers expect to benefit with savings of time and money directly from your company’s digital transformation. That's right - they expect you to provide interaction, information, and streamlined transactions faster than ever before. And, if you don’t offer the convenience, they’ll go elsewhere.

Consider these very basic benefits of digital transformation to your business:

·         Would you save sales process time or customer service efficiency if your accounting, delivery, sales and marketing departments all had immediate access to information they need from each department?

·         As a manager would it save you time and effort if you had reports at your fingertips that provide real-time insight into current projects, new prospects, the sales process, tracking of trends and results?

·         Does your phone ring less often? It’s because your customers have already started their own digital transformation. They're seeking information themselves and making buying decisions without your input. You need to reach them on their terms and seek out where they are.

·         Are you providing a work environment that's appealing to a younger demographic? Do you really think the younger workforce want to join a company that isn't technologically advanced?

If you don’t digitally transform, it’s at your own peril. Your competition is taking advantage of all the benefits you are not.

What if your digital transformation meant more pure selling time for your sales staff, now equipped with answers to client questions on the spot. How competent does that make them in the customer’s eyes. How confident does it make them feel? I could go on.

Rick McCutcheon is a Dynamics CRM MVP with expertise in sales process design, social selling and CRM strategies. Rick has been involved in the CRM industry since 1990 as a company founder, senior executive, reseller, industry association board member, educator consultant and professional speaker. He is the creator of the Full Contact Selling (FCS) methodology for Dynamics CRM. He can be reached at .