• Advanced Selling Skills for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partners

    This program can be delivered in-house or as a distance learning workshop.

    Full Contact Selling for Microsoft Partners

    How to Position and Sell Dynamics 365 to Business Decision Makers

    In this signature workshop, Rick McCutcheon, D365 MVP and leading authority on the "Digital Transformation of Sales," reveals the master game plan to help you sell profitable D365 solutions to C-level executives and other key business decision-makers. This workshop is a non-technical session based on the Full Contact Selling Methodology (FCS) which fully integrates the three critical areas of sales productivity:


    1) proven sales processes

    2) sales skills development

    3) best practice use of CRM and related technology.

    Course Outcomes:

    On completion of this fast-paced workshop, participants will be able to:

    • Clearly understand the technology buying process of the modern buyer
    • Improve their strategies for :
      • Leveraging social platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook for Business
      • Talking to C-Level Executives about the ROI on digital transformation
      • Realigning their existing business development strategies and  sales processes
      • Re-engineering the use of CRM and Marketing Automation
    • Improving closing rates and project margins by:
      • Shortening sales cycles by identifying organizations currently in the buying process
      • Identifying ongoing and hidden opportunities for additional products, services and ISV solutions.
      • Selling the ROI on a project and not the features/benefits of the product

    Workshop Outline

    • The Five Stages of the Modern Technology Buying Process
    • How to Become a Modern Seller

      • Build a professional online brand and be seen as an expert in your industry.
      • Connect and influence your business ecosystem through social communities.
      • Be a high-value supplier, building long-term, trusted relationships
      • Know how to articulate solutions focused on delivering a strong ROI
    • How to talk to and position the ROI on digital transformation to:
      • C-Level Executives
      • Marketing Management
      • Sales Management
      • Field Service Management
      • Customer Service
      • IT Management
      • Finance & Operations
    • Building a repeatable sales processes for:
      • New Business Development
      • Opportunity Management
      • Account Management
    • Your 90-Day Modern Selling Success Plan
    Please contact us for a complete course agenda.
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