• Modern Selling the LinkedIn Way

    This program can be delivered in-house or as a distance learning workshop.

    Becoming the "Modern Seller"

    How to leverage LinkedIn to collaborate with and influence your business ecosystem

    Over the past decade, we have witnessed the digital transformation of the B2B buying process.


    It's a fact that your prospects and customers have become increasingly socially engaged with both their suppliers and other customers. This has triggered changes in their buying behaviour which has significantly impacted the B2B technology sales process.


    In this fast-paced workshop delivered by Rick McCutcheon, Dynamics 365 MVP and leading authority on Social Selling, we will explore these changes and identify how you can become a “Modern Seller.”


    • Business Principles
    • Sales & Marketing Leadership
    • Sales Teams
    • Channel Partner Managers
    • Social Media Professionals

    Course Outcomes:

    On completion of this fast-paced workshop, participants will be able to:

    • Build a professional profile on LinkedIn
    • Have the plans and strategies in place to build out their online brand and connect with their business ecosystem
    • Thoroughly understand and implement a Modern Selling process

    Session Outline

    • The Three Pillars of Modern Selling success
    • Building a trusted relationship with your business ecosystem
    • Following a repeatable social selling process
    • Leveraging technology and social selling platforms
    • Engaging with customers and prospects: How social platforms are changing the rules 
    • Building social influence with LinkedIn:

    Overview of LinkedIn properties

    • Individual profiles
    • Business pages
    • Showcase pages
    • Groups

    Connecting with your business ecosystem

    • Managing requests
    • Posting
    • Sharing
    • Commenting

    Strategies for creating and sharing content

    • Selling through Influence
    • User-generated content
    • 3rd party content
    • Articles
    • Videos
    • Events
    • Polls

    Overview of Sales Navigator for B2B selling


    90 Days to a social LinkedIn success plan


    Please contact us for a complete course agenda.

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