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Solgari |PartnerTalks |Ed Grant, Co-Founder and CFO

Microsoft Business Applications MVP Rick McCutcheon speaks with Ed Grant, CFO and co- founder of Solgari, a cloud business applications software solution.

Solgari is a Microsoft ISV with an application called the Dynamics 365 all channels solution, which provides all communication channels, from voice to video; SMS to third-party channels, including social media, all integrated within Dynamics 365.

Customers in 40 countries involved with industries spanning financial services, retail, public service run all their communications through the Solgari platform.  

In this video you will learn:

  • Why the new world of communications demands a streamlined communications tool
  • Why the Microsoft ISV Connect program brings tremendous opportunity for Dynamics 365 ISVs
    • Increases global visibility
    • Grows sales force with Microsoft co-sell opportunities
    • Brings prominence to the ISV application
  • Solgari will discuss of their ISV Connect at the upcoming extreme365 for partners event in Barcelona 9-12 March.

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