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PartnerTalks: Trevor Nimegeers of ITRAK

In this session, Rick McCutcheon speaks with Trevor Nimegeers, Managing Director of NeoSystems Inc. and creator of ITRAK, a world-class Microsoft Cloud software for Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Compliance. 

ITRAK 365 is a complete off-the-shelf safety management system, built on the Power Platform.

In this video you’ll hear about:

  • The evolution of ITRAK and the integration into the Microsoft environment
  • The development of a health and safety product with a core value to be easy to use by field staff
  • The relationship with Microsoft and benefits of ISV Connect
  • The dramatic growth of global reach with Microsoft as a product co-seller
  • The advantage of AppSource as a discovery engine to generate leads and engagement
  • ITRAK initiatives for 2020 and the focus on tools for the less tech-savvy, advanced reporting and the impact of the Microsoft Teams environment

You can learn more about ITRAK at

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